Immediate return on investment

  • Replaces the thermostatic valve
  • Replaces the electric water tank
  • Replaces the lifting pump

How it works ?

Gecko connects to the clear waters and greywater of the shower.

Gecko recovers the heat from the greywater and then transfers it to the cold clear water. With Gecko, never waste precious energy used to heat water: you will reuse it, unlimited !


Technical specifications

LaDouche, des atouts incomparables vs les options concurrentes !

Incomparable assets vs. competing options !

  • No legionella thanks to the real time heating without water storage: 2 liters of storage, machine + driving up to the shower (- 2 meters).
  • No limescale formation thanks to the maximum temperature of 42°C

  • No burns thanks to the maximum temperature of 42°C

  • No more lack of hot water, the use is unlimited.
  • Precise temperature adjustment +/- 0.5°C

  • Immediate Return on Investment: Replaces a towel warmer, digital thermostatic faucet, a hot water tank and a lift pump.
  • Saving up to 90% on the energy bill dedicated to domestic hot water (300 € per year for a household of 4 people) or a return on investment of 4 years.
  • Economy of installation: one person suffices because the machine weighs about 20 kg.

Our values

Gecko is a domestic water heater that is mainly powered by thermal energy from wastewater. The exchange is very efficient, more than 90% of the heat of wastewater is valued. This instant process can deliver 15kW of power with only 3000W of power, saving 80% of the electricity bill!

  • Rated power (output): 8l / min at 40 ° C (about 15 Kw)
  • Rated power consumption: 3000 W

  • IOT: WIFI and Bluetooth low energy

The heat pump recycling calories from wastewater is a passive stainless steel plate heat exchanger. We pump the wastewater, and have a better performance than a regular heat pump. Without the use of gas or compressor we reduce noise and moving parts. This ensures an optimized life and a very high reliability of the product.

We designed the product as a towel warmer to optimize the bathroom space. As Gecko no longer requires hot water storage (tankless device), you save about one square meter, and you also save the price of the towel warmer. Gecko is connected and gives you on the screen of the machine or on your smartphone the information of the exact amount of water and energy used during your shower. This information helps to raise awareness and educate for a better use of the shower. Of course, like all tankless water heaters, the process is unlimited, and therefore particularly good for public toilets (camping, marinas, gyms …)

The materials, components and processes of our product relate to environmental impact and ecological responsibility, emission reduction, sustainability and intelligent management of resources, energy saving and / or other ecological functions. We also manage how the product is transported to the market and / or recycled at the end of its life, if applicable.

In a modern, isolated house, domestic hot water accounts for 50% of the energy mix. We save 40% of the energy bill for the complete house. We also reduce the demand for maximum power (electricity saving contract), and avoid gas or oil-fired water heaters. As we use wastewater energy, we finally produce “cold” wastewater at about the same temperature as cold water, which is really good for the environment because we do not support the air or heat pump, we are really sustainable, valuing energy that is always untied, with zero environmental pressure. This is of course compatible with solar hot water with crazy performance. The return to consumption of water and energy data, shower to shower, is very positive for his environmental education, especially for teenagers, who are heavy consumers of shower. All items are easy to recycle, but the real goal is to let them live for at least 20 years.

The CES 2017 Innovation Award rewards the unique and original features of Gecko and its performance. This is also why professionals and consumers support our solution.

We have the only product available on the market that achieves this level of performance. Many manufacturers offer “wastewater treatment systems”, but their performance is poor (about 50%), they need maintenance (low turbulence) and they require a “balloon” water heater. We have integrated all the features into a very compact solution (water heater, heated towel rail, standalone IoT device). Our target price is about 1990€ HT retail. We plan to commercially launch the product on the market from November 2020.

We need the help of all to be visible as all innovation products. When adoption of this solution becomes a reality, it will produce a 30% reduction in primary energy requirements.

Imagine the impact for the planet in terms of pollution, sustainable economy, GDP, CO² …!

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